Tre' Nov Tips

There's nothing like waking up to your favorite cup of coffee! Below, we offer a few tips for maximizing your enjoyment of our regal coffee blend, Tre' Nov.  You might even discover a few new ways to enjoy your morning java. Do you have an amazing way that you like to prepare your cup of Tre' Nov? We'd love to hear about it! Send us a message and share your ideas.


Try "Le Nov"

To master this perfected coffee creation, fill your cup with:

2/3 Tre' Nov Coffee

1/3 Warmed Milk

1-2 Tbsp Honey


Enjoy the Best Flavor

Serve Tre' Nov Coffee immediately after brewing. In general, all coffees tends to take on a burnt note when left on the hot plate too long. Pour yourself a cup right away. While you're at it, make someone's day and pour them a cup too!


get a Protein Boost

For the fitness enthusiast, may we recommend a boost of protein? Simply add one scoop of chocolate protein to your cup of Tre' Nov coffee. Not only will your growing muscles thank you, but you'll also enjoy a delicious mocha flavor.

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