TRE' NOV Coffee is Coffee in all its Excellency

Tre' Nov has been formulated for the sophisticated palette. You'll find no artificial flavors here. We believe in the delectable taste of coffee starting with a quality bean. We offer a regal coffee drinking experience for the discriminating enthusiast. Like the supremacy of "High Tea", our unique blend is "High Coffee". Serious coffee drinkers subscribe.


TRE' NOV Wants to be Your Coffee Crush

We understand the pleasure of a well-brewed cup of coffee. It's our passion. And from this passion, Tre' Nov was born. Take one sip and let us be your next major coffee crush. Tre' Nov is a rich, medium bold blend designed to be enjoyed black or with a little cream. Due to the blend's exceptionally balanced body and strength, this is an ideal coffee to sip from morning to night.


Locally Roasted. Globally Enjoyed.

Tre' Nov Artisan Coffee
10 North Section St. PMB 161
Fairhope, AL 36532

Phone: 251.391.1547

Who Drinks Tre' Nov?

• Those who believe coffee should deliver rich flavor with or without creamers.

• Those who desire a coffee created responsibly and without artificial additives.

• Those who are passionate about the purity and quality of a truly good roast.

The Serious Coffee Drinker